Eyecare Technology

Our office is equipped with the most advanced technology for diagnosing and treating eye diseases.

Digital Retinal Photography

Retinal photography allows our doctors to capture intricate details of your eye and provide a window into your eye health and overall body wellness. Digital retinal photography supports our doctors in diagnosis and monitoring of retinal and systemic diseases. These types of diseases may have an effect on your retina before they affect your vision. That’s why it’s so important to look for early signs or changes in the eye. We recommend retinal photography for patients with diabetes, hypertension, family history of glaucoma, and other diseases. At Utopia Optometry, we utilize the fully automated "DRS" by CenterVue, to capture digital images of the central retina without pupil dilation drops.

Visual Field Analysis

Visual Field Analysis is how we quantify the sensitivity of your vision both centrally and peripherally. This is especially useful in detecting and monitoring vision loss from glaucoma, stroke, pituitary gland tumor, and other neuro-ophthalmic disorders. We use the Zeiss 740i, Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer, which is an industry high standard tool.

Specular Microscopy

Specular microscopy provides a non-invasive analysis of the inner cell layers of your cornea. This gives our doctors information about the health of your cornea, which is especially important for patients who wear contact lenses. Our office is one of the few in southern California that is equipped with a Tomey EM-3000 Specular Microscope.


Our Topcon KR 8000PA Auto-kerato-refractometer quickly creates a color coded map of the surface of your eye. This helps our doctors develop very accurate eyeglass lens prescriptions and contact lens fittings.

Non Contact Tononmetry

Glaucoma screening includes a quick and comfortable measurement of your eye pressures with our Non-Contact Tonometer. Our screening device is designed to give one of the gentlest puffs in a tonometer. Our Reichart 7 Tonometer is the seventh generation of advanced NCTs and is designed for your comfort and measurement accuracy.


We utilize the advanced lens measuring capabilities of our Reichert AL700 Auto Lensometer to accurately measure prescription lenses including: Single Vision, Bi-focal, Progressive, and Prism.