Sports Vision

Are you or your kids asking “How can I see clearly when I play sports if I don’t wear contact lenses?”

Are your eyes protected from the dangers of high speed, impact sports?

Today’s top professional athletes are turning to protective sports eyewear to guard their eyesight as well as to enhance their visual ability – to get the performance edge. In fact some athletes use sports goggles for visual correction of high myopia – nearsightedness – and astigmatism. Others need the clarity of UV protection to reduce eye strain.

Whether you are a serious competitive athlete or just casually enjoying sport for fun, you can benefit from the advanced materials and designs of the sports eyewear available today.

Come to Utopia Optometry and find the right sports eyewear for your sport. We carry Leader Sports eyewear, which offers protective gear for most active sports. Many styles feature impact resistant lenses, 100% UV protection, and anti-fog properties. Many styles also meet ASTM F803 Impact Standards for Basketball, Racquetball, Paddleball, Tennis, and Squash.

Sports vision