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At Utopia Optometry, we provide comprehensive care to meet the vision needs of our patients. As an optometrist, Dr. Tim Liu has extensive training and experience at providing pre- and post-operative care for patients undergoing LASIK eye surgery or other eye surgical procedures. Our goal is to help you attain the clearest vision possible using advanced technologies.

What is LASIK?

LASIK is Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis and is often called laser eye surgery. LASIK is a refractive surgery for correcting myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Millions of people worldwide have benefited from LASIK by improving vision and often eliminating the need for eyeglasses and contacts.

LASIK works by reshaping the cornea using a computer controlled beam of ultraviolet light from an excimer laser. The first step is to fold back a thin layer of the eye’s cornea which is replaced after the laser treatment is completed. The corneal lens is then reshaped by the laser and the corneal flap is reset in place. Healing is rapid with minimal discomfort.

Complete Care with Utopia and Eye Surgeons

We are able to care for you through the process by examining your eyes for compatibility for LASIK. We partner with leaders in the LASIK field and continue your care following surgery with post-operative examinations and eye care. We invite you to learn more about the laser vision surgeons we work with.

Once your surgery is scheduled, we will schedule follow-up appointments for you in our La Verne office. Typically, you will begin these follow-ups the day after the surgery and continue at prearranged times over the following six months. After 1 year, a full exam is recommended to determine the long-term results of your procedure. Dr. Liu is experienced in working with patients pre- and post-operation and will answer any questions that you have along the way. If you have questions about LASIK surgery, call 909-593-4423 to speak with our knowledgeable staff or email us.

Advantages of LASIK

If you have worn glasses or contact lenses for a long time, you may have wondered if LASIK surgery is a good choice for you. While not everyone is a candidate for LASIK, it does have some great advantages. People who play sports, have allergies, or who are looking for simplicity will all benefit from LASIK. To learn more about LASIK and your vision, call Utopia Optometry today at 909-593-4423.


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